Orga Systems publishes new Whitepaper: "CSPs Look to Next-Gen Services to Increase Revenue"

The Heavy Reading Whitepaper explains why BSS/OSS systems will be pivotal for CSPs who want to succeed with new services in M2M, Cloud and 4G
(PresseBox) (Paderborn (Germany), ) Orga Systems, a leading software vendor for real-time charging and billing solutions, with an international customer base in the telecommunications, utilities and automotive markets, today announced the release of a new whitepaper prepared by Ari Banerjee, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading.

The Whitepaper explains how end user expectations have changed and shows what steps CSPs should take to maximize their revenue potential from more intelligent service delivery. Furthermore, it depicts why the role of BSS/OSS systems will be pivotal for the success of these next-gen services and for delivering an optimum customer experience. It is based on findings from Heavy Reading's M2M Operator Survey, a multi-client study they have carried out end of 2012.

From Service Provider to Experience Provider

As traditional services in the telecom space have reached saturation, operators look to next-generation services as alternative revenue streams. They are experts in network and connectivity services, but as regards to next-gen services such as M2M, Cloud or 4G they need to move away from their comfort zone of connectivity-centric services and aim to play a more value-added role. They need to be able to create customer loyalty, provide optimum customer experience, and implement and monetize innovative, tiered business models.

The role of BSS/OSS in Next-Gen Services

The Whitepaper describes the critical components of next-gen BSS/OSS systems, which will be crucial for supporting today's advanced business models. "Operators who are looking to provide next generation services such as 4G, M2M and cloud need to capitalize on real-time intelligence and customer insight," says Ari Banerjee. "It will be impossible for them to maximize their revenue potential from next gen services without cutting edge BSS/OSS systems which will help them in real-time to drive efficiency, be creative, provide personalized service plans and create customer stickiness."

Orga Systems can help CSPs to overcome all these challenges, support next-gen services and to profit from them. Its single convergent platform, equipped with high-end technology for maximum real-time performance and extreme scalability, enables service providers to generate new revenue opportunities in sectors such as automotive, utilities and energy.

To download the complete whitepaper, please follow this link:
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