Automotive: FRP E-Mobile Battery Case Concept Study

CTC GmbH accepts the challenge: highly automated production processes with short cycle times
Manufacturing Feasibility Demonstrator, (c) CTC GmbH (PresseBox) (Stade, ) CTC GmbH is a 100% Airbus subsidiary and Germany's leading center for research and development in the field of the design and manufacturing of large and complex CFRP components. The main objective of the activities is the development of series production technologies for the production and assembly of CFRP components for aircraft constructions. Furthermore CTC GmbH accepts a special challenge: developing a FRP e-mobile battery for e-cars. The crux: suitibility for series production.
Alexander Gillessen, Project Manager R & D at CTC GmbH, will present the concept study as well as first results at the 7th International CFK-Valle Stade Convention, 11-12 June. In the course of the upcoming expert conference on lightweight, we talked to Mr Gillessen about his topic „FRP E-Mobile Battery Case Concept Study“: Mr Gillessen grants an inside in his lecture:
„Composite-Technology is increasingly becoming a key technology in the automotive industry to develop extremely light and energy efficient vehicles. Due to stringent environmental requirements for modern vehicles this trend will be further increase in the future. Especially in the automotive industry the cost efficiency of composite part production is focused.
This should enable by highly automated production processes with short cycle times, an integrated quality assurance and process monitoring.

This challenge was accepted by the CTC GmbH, together with partners of CFK- Valley, in an automotive OEM development competition. The aim was to develop a fibre reinforced plastic battery box for an expected number of 20,000 units per year. In addition to the battery accommodation requirement the battery case also has got the function as a supporting structure component of the chassis for a future e-car.
The final developed concept is a two-part design consisting of a highly integrated RTM floor structure and a SMC cover. Scope of the concept was a design study, a crash simulation and the development of a manufacturing concept in compliance with all current requirements for the automotive series production.“

Mr Gillessen’s paper will be heard on 11 June at the CFK-Valley Stade Convenion in Stade. A total of 30 top-notch speakers will give their lectures on the 2day program on topics ranging from
- Applications
- Industrialization
- materials and simulation
- production
- recycling

The CFK-Valley Stade Convention is central platform for technical exchange on highest level in the field of CFRP-Technology. The focal point of this year’s „Latest Innovations in CFRP Technology“.
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