The perfect solution for legal and patent translations
KPI_eng (PresseBox) (Leuven, ) Tstream®LAW: the perfect solution for legal and patent translations

Franz Kafka once said: "A lawyer is a person who writes a 10,000-word document and calls it a "brief."

While clichés about the legal industry abound, one trend should not be missed: the cost of international litigation is on the rise. The already underlying complexity of litigation is magnified when international cases are concerned. Language, culture, local law and the sheer volume of communication demand a blend of linguistic skills, subject matter expertise and critically, technology know-how.

At Xplanation, we understand how global transformations in the legal sector affect translation and the role of technology in delivering effective solutions.

Xplanation has developed a solution, Tstream®LAW, that achieves key business goals for law firms:

  • Subject-matter experts in the legal domains we cover
  • EN 15038 quality standard
  • Double-check procedure
Time saving:
  • Fast ordering and confirmation of project start
  • Translation memory technology reuse previously translated content
  • Automated quality controls
  • Intellectual property guarantees
  • Verisign-secure web portal with encryption technology
  • NDAs and confidentiality agreements with all stakeholders
Cost savings:
  • approved translated content can be reused many times
  • Application of meaningful incentives that reward spending growth and loyalty.
Tstream®LAW is a perfect fit for the needs of international law and patent firms. It is a solution built by lawyers, for lawyers.

Our solution is domain-specialised, comprehensive, offers service guarantees as well as financial incentives. For more information, contact Sigrid Eckstein, our sales manager on: + 49 0) 6190 8561 or via email: sigrid.eckstein@xplanation.com


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