Thermal Management 2013

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) EVs and HEVs are a long way from becoming realistic alternatives to traditional gasoline-fuelled vehicles. One possibility to increase vehicle range is HVAC, or improve intelligent battery thermal management and waste-heat recovery. Meet up at IQPCs 3rd Conference Thermal Management for EV/HEV, 24-26 June 2013 in Darmstadt to discuss the latest trends to help improve EV and HEV technology.

Join international experts from around the world to discuss new energy efficient concepts and technologies such as decentralized heating and waste heat recovery which are important milestones on our way towards greener technology. Intelligent thermal management is crucial to an enhanced performance of EVs and HEVs. This includes for example a perfect interplay between the drivetrain (battery) and the cabin heating system as well as smart materials for heat extraction and cooling.
Conference participants will get the chance to hear about the latest topics concerning the industry:

• Efficient HVAC and climate control solutions to optimize range and passenger comfort
• Integrated thermal management in electric vehicles for lower cost and higher range
• Intelligent battery thermal management to ensure safety and enhanced performance
• How advanced waste-heat recovery and re-use technologies can lead to greater energy efficiency
• How advances in vehicle materials to streamline thermal energy management

Networking sessions and interactive workshops provide the opportunity for in-depth discussion and exchange of experience. Workshops will cover topics such as

• Advanced waste-heat recovery, storage and re-use technologies and concepts
• Battery thermal management using system approach
• Energy efficient HVAC system control method for EV
• Efficient heat-pump concepts and potential for cabin climatisation
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