New contactless payment terminals using AS3911 reader chip from ams gain EMV certification

NBS Payment Solutions' systems use highly integrated AS3911 chip to read EMV (MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave) cards
New contactless payment terminals using AS3911 reader chip from ams gain EMV certification (PresseBox) (Unterpremstaetten, Austria and Las Vegas, USA, ) ams AG (SIX: AMS), a leading provider of high performance analog ICs and sensors, announced today at CARTES America (Las Vegas, 23-25 April) that a new range of payment terminals from NBS Payment Solutions containing its AS3911 reader IC have gained EMV certification.

The 510 and 710 series of NOIRE terminals from NBSPS are now approved for the receipt of payments from contactless cards bearing the MasterCard PayPass or Visa payWave symbols.

The AS3911 RFID reader IC in the NBSPS terminals provides the RF and analog front end, reading any contactless payment card meeting EMV requirements. A reference design similar to a state-of-the-art contactless payment system, developed by ams, provides a ready-to-use blueprint for manufacturers wishing to produce a new EMV-certified terminal.

The AS3911 is now being used by a number of terminal manufacturers, including NBSPS, because of its high (1W) differential RF output power and integrated EMV-specific error handling. These features provide for a flexible and streamlined circuit design that requires no external RF booster circuit. This lowers the manufacturer's bill-of-materials cost in comparison to competing reader ICs with lower output power, speeds up the design process, and shortens time to market.

"The RFID card-reading requirements of the new NOIRE payment terminals were perfectly matched by the AS3911 reader IC from ams. The high output power of the AS3911 facilitated EMV certification where competitive alternatives failed. What is more, the exceptional technical support provided by ams made integration of the reader fast and smooth", said Richard Gooderham, Vice-President for Business Development of NBS Payment Solutions.

"NBS Payment Solutions' successful launch of the new NOIRE line of terminals provides proof that using the AS3911 reader IC offers a quick and reliable way to implement an EMV-compliant contactless payment interface", said Mark Dickson, Senior Marketing Manager for RFID/NFC at ams.

ams is exhibiting the Sockeye AS3911 EMV reference design, which includes Level 1 and Level 2 software, at its suite in the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas during CARTES America. It will also be showing there:
  • The NOIRE line of contactless payment terminals from NBSPS
  • μSD and SIM card payment solutions based on the AS3922 RFID reader
  • A MoBeam mobile couponing demonstration
To make an appointment to view the demonstrations, visitors should contact Luisa Dineci at ams:

Price & Availability

The AS3911 RFID reader IC is in volume production now. It is priced at $3.50 for 1,000 pieces.

Technical Support

An EMV reference design board for the AS3911 is available. For further information on the AS3911 or to request samples, please visit


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