Two of the largest open source database companies want to become number one

(PresseBox) (Helsinki, ) Using open source technology is increasingly the norm for businesses and the public sector. MariaDB, an open source database exemplifies the benefits: downloadable for free and supported continually by a community of enthusiasts whose sole aim is to build the best database available for businesses.

For Old School vendors, who charge customers to use their products first and then 20% maintenance separately, effectively making customers pay twice, open source is a threat. Today MariaDB is winning against Oracle MySQL and the only database which can work with the latest NoSQL technology as well as legacy databases like IBM's DB/2 and Oracle which many large organisations rely upon. In doing so, it helps business take advantage of trends such as Cloud and Big Data.

In an industry-defining move, SkySQL, a provider of open source database services, has now stepped up the pressure on high cost alternatives, merging with Monty Program, the creators of MariaDB, to protect the community and the database's future. SkySQL provides the environment where MariaDB can continue to advance while giving its 350 plus business customers the confidence to build their businesses on the best database available.


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