New 15.4" High Brightness TFT Display

G154I1-LE1-V549A (PresseBox) (Germering, ) Distec GmbH introduces the new G154I1-LE1-V549A 15.4“ High Bright TFT display. Featuring a highly efficient LED backlight, this new high brightness panel ensures good readability in sunlight or bright ambient light, while maintaining impressive contrast and deep color. A wide temperature range makes this TFT-LCD a perfect candidate for outdoor installations.

Based on the Innolux G154I1-LE1, Distec’s engineers doubled the display’s brightness to 925cd/m². Moreover an Ultra Bright version with a heat sink is available, allowing for a higher brightness of 1250cd/m². Thanks to the latest LED chip technology, both TFTs are optimized for low power consumption.

Distec's SmartLED Converter allows for control of the LED backlight and enables dimming from 0-100%. Together with the Prima TFT controllers and an ambient light sensor, the backlight brightness automatically adapts to ambient light, guaranteeing power savings and easy readability.


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Dieter Kiermaier
Marketing Director


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