Weidmüller switch-mode power unit "PRO-E"

Weidmüller switch-mode power unit (PresseBox) (Detmold, ) Weidmüller switched-mode power unit "PRO-E": wall-mounted, flat single-phase power supplies for use in very restricted spaces in industrial applications. - Sturdy: metal housing and wide operating temperature range. - Safe operation by means of overload, short-circuit, surge, and reverse polarity protection.

With "PRO-E" Weidmüller offers a reliable, very flat, single-phase switched-mode power unit for wall mounting in industrial machine building, plant manufacture, and building automation. The devices are available in seven different performance classes and are characterised by a sturdy metal housing, a wide operating temperature range of -25 °C to + 70 °C, and a wide variety of variants with output voltages of 5 V, 12 V, 24 V and 48 V The power range includes devices from 25 W to 350 W. The integrated overload, short-circuit, surge and reverse polarity protection of the "PRO-E" power supplies allow safe and stable operation. Extensive international approvals and a wide input voltage range of 85 V to 264 V AC permit an all-purpose, world-wide use.

Power supplies are decisive components in the supply of power to machines and plants, as well as in building automation. Their reliability has a crucial influence on the safe operation of the connected components. The various products in the "PRO-M" and "PRO-H" power supply families have been proven for years in the supply of electrical and electronic sub assemblies in automation engineering. Weidmüller has supplemented these rail-mounted devices with the wall-mountable "PRO-E" power supplies. The devices, with their sturdy and stable metal housing and practical components, take up very little space due to their flat design and can therefore be used easily directly "on site" as centralised or decentralised power supply in machines and plants. Their wide operating temperature range of -25 °C to +70 °C - derating from 50 °C, 70% at 70 °C - ideally supports versatile assembly in the area of industrial automation. "PRO-E" power supplies provide stable DC output voltages of 5 V, 12 V, 24 V and 48 V, which can be adjusted by potentiometer in the range of +/- 10%. A green LED display signals readiness for service. The integrated overload, short-circuit, surge and reverse polarity protection ensure safe and stable operation.

The power range of the devices extends from 25 W to 50 W, 75 W, 100 W, 150 W, 250 W and 350 Watt. Performance can be increased by a parallel switching of multiple devices with a diode module. A wide AC and DC input voltage range of 85 V to 264 V AC and 110 V to 370 V DC, as well as international approvals and certificates such as CE, UL, TÜV (German Technical Inspectorate), CCC and CB permit world-wide use.

The very flat housing of the "PRO-E" switched-mode power supply units are fabricated robustly of metal and are ideally suited for use in industrial environments and in buildings. The units are mounted directly on walls or mounting plates, without mounting rails.

Screw connections are used in the input and output as conductor connection system for the "PRO-E" switched-mode power supply units. Largely consistent wire cross-sections of 0.34 to 4 mm2 and AWG conductors from 22 to 11 can be connected to this.

With its "PRO-E" family of switched-mode power supply units, Weidmüller offers compact, wall-mountable, single-phase power supplies for a wide variety of applications in industrial automation and building automation.

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