Seal of quality with distinction for virtual reality learning program

szenaris: e-learning solution for mobile water treatment awarded vebn seal of quality with distinction
E-Learning solution for mobile water treatment. (PresseBox) (Bremen, ) High-capacity water treatment tanks are often used in crisis regions to purify large amounts of water. Bremen-based szenaris GmbH has developed a comprehensive e-learning solution for operating and maintaining these facilities, which has now received the seal of quality of the e-learning industry association vebn (Verband eLearning Business Norddeutschland). Due to its extraordinarily high score – it achieved 97 of 100 possible points –, the system was awarded the seal of quality with distinction.

Water treatment tanks are used mainly by aid organisations and the military. To train their operators, szenaris has developed both learning software and a virtual reality simulation for commissioning the tanks. The learning software also includes a chapter on how to rectify potential problems.

After working through the learning program, users put their knowledge into practice in a virtual environment by starting up the water tank system step by step. In a further virtual reality application, users can interactively select and order replacement parts directly from a 3D model.

Since 2008, vebn has been awarding its seal of quality to selected e-learning solutions developed by its members in order to establish greater transparency for users regarding the quality of individual solutions. Further improvements to the products are also made in the course of the review procedure.

To receive the seal of quality, systems must meet numerous requirements in a total of 90 criteria covering aspects such as technology, content, teaching methodology and cost-benefit ratio.

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