"Eddy Current Imaging" - Fraunhofer IZFP presents nondestructive Testing method for CFRP components

Actual status of industrialization of this technique will be shown at the 7th International CFK-Valley Stade Convention, 11-12 June 2013
Eddy Current Imaging for textuaral analyses of CFRPs and Fabrics  Quelle: FhG IZFP-Dresden (PresseBox) (Stade, ) “Along the value added chain of CFRP products many different physical testing method are successfully applied. However, looking in more detail at the process chain, there is a gap where standard NDE methods cannot be applied.

For automated mass production facilities based on textile production processes, it is important to acquire quality parameters before the resin infiltration step. From this follows an increasing demand for NDE methods that can be applied inline to dry multilayered carbon textiles such as multiaxial materials which typically have 3 to 5 layers.“ Prof. Dr. Henning Heuer said. Prof. Heuer is head of the department Sensors & Sensor Systems of the Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing, IZFP in Dresden.

Within the framework of his lecture at the 7th International CFK-Valley Stade Convention, 11-12 June, the CFK-Valley experts talked to Prof. Heuer to learn more about this topic.

“Hidden defects that arise early in the production step may have far-reaching consequences with a high risk of damage progression and even increased costs as products have to be discarded after machining. The final component tests are usually performed with ultrasonic, X-ray or thermograph methods close to the final product stage and without the possibility for repair.

With exact knowledge of the semi finished product quality, process parameters can be adjusted in time to reduce rejects resulting from defects. If missing or misaligned fibre bundles are detected inline, the machine can be stopped and readjusted resulting in less material wastage. In addition, subsequent process steps can be controlled by utilising the incoming product quality data e.g. gaps between fibre bundles will influence the behavior during polymer or resin infiltration, so by knowing the gaps size and density, the infiltration parameters can by adapted. Also, for Non Crimp Carbon Fabric production, the properties of the raw material may be aligned to the cut out process for later component assembly in order to increase yield.“ explained Heuer and further

“Carbon fiber based materials show a low electrical conductivity, which is sufficient enough to measure deviations in the material by using Eddy Current techniques. By scanning with and induction coil or by using a high resolving array the material information can be acquired without contact the surface.
By non-contact measuring the electrical properties of carbon fiber materials, the fiber distribution and the dielectric properties of the polymer can be inspected nondestructively.

Based on the high-frequency Eddy Current system EddyCus®, structural and hidden defects such as missing carbon fibers, lanes, delaminations and angle orientation also for hidden layers can be inspected. To acquire information for process control or quality assurance, the method needs to be robust, nondestructive and economically reasonable priced. Eddy Current methods show a high potential for inline integration due to the absence of couplings.“
Prof. Heuer’s presentation will show actual status of industrialization of this technique and will be heared on June, 11 – 03:55 pm.

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