Precision Thermal Control for Optimal Laser Performance and Stability

Precision Thermal Control for Optimal Laser Performance and Stability (PresseBox) (Martinsried, ) The ThermoRack models from Solid State Cooling Systems delivers 400 Watt thermoelectric reliability specifically optimized for laser applications and modest heat loads.

For precise temperature control of water or liquid-cooled lasers, chillers improve performance by keeping wavelength and beam shape constant. With only two moving parts, the pump and cooling fans, the ThermoRack is set up for a quiet operation and it is virtually vibration-free with the smooth-flow centrifugal pump. Because electrons transfer the heat, ThermoRack responds instantaneously to changes in load. The digital PID temperature controller holds to + 0.05° C.

ThermoRack is very energy-efficient: Solid State Cooling Systems' chillers offer energy savings up to 80% over compressor-based models. Its thermoelectric modules are powered by a variable-voltage power supply that provides the minimum power required to control the temperature at setpoint, so ThermoRack only draws as much power as needed. Also it has been designed to operate in the modules' most energy-efficient range.

Solid State Cooling Systems offers a broad selection of thermoelectric-based, temperature control which are compact, quiet, reliable and energy efficient. Their products provide precise temperature control for low light CCD cameras, diode lasers, DPSS lasers, analytical instruments, ground-based avionics testing, and much more. In laser applications, the chillers help improve beam shape, wavelength and pulse-width stability through smooth, steady temperature control and vibration-free fluid flow.

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