TOBESOFT, a specialist in Enterprise RIA, starts business actvities in Germany

(PresseBox) (München, ) TOBESOFT Co., Ltd is a professional software company specializes in Enterprise RIA (Rich Internet Application) market with local market share of more than 65% in Korea.

The company was founded back in 2000, and successfully listed in the Korean stock market (KOSDAQ) right before its 10th anniversary. All of this was possible with its best R&D team which systematically analyzed global technical trends for the next generation application environment that can replace Web, and C/S(Client/Server) based system.

By doing so, they have secured world class software platform based on enterprise RIA technology and its patents. REA (Rich Enterprise Application) is their main market and they are at the frontier of the UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience) field. Since the field of UI/UX is what they are specializes in, their customers do not limit to any specific industries, but rather varies from manufacturing, educational, healthcare, and financial industries to even national defense institutions.

XPLATFORM is their main product, which is an integrated UI development platform for REA (Rich Enterprise Application) in order to realize ‘Smart Enterprise’. It is comprised of suitable functions, performances, and design factors to meet the needs of businesses, and supports various devices such as PC and mobile devices to provide optimal ubiquitous working environment. It is unified UI development platform that supports Runtime, HTML 5, and mobile versions from a single tool.

Features of each version:
- Runtime: To support faster response time and remarkable UX
- HTML 5: To support ‘No-download based multi-platform’ and ‘Cloud Service’
- Mobile: To support mobile environment (Android, iOS)

Strength of XPLATFORM:

1. Enable to develop a system for various devices from a single development platform, thereby cutting down on overall system development and its maintenance costs.

2. Increase business productivity with business applications featuring fast data processing, optimized data visualization and easy readability.

3. With legacy feature, when parent data is modified legacy data are modified automatically. Therefore, it ensures low cost for system enhancement as well as enterprise-wide system integration.

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