PRÜFTECHNIK AG certified as "known consignor"

Left behind? No chance. Testing and measuring systems are sure to take off on time
(PresseBox) (Ismaning / Germany, ) Queues in front of the security checkpoint in the terminal building... The clock is ticking... Last call for passengers... And then the flight is gone. This is a typical everyday scenario for unlucky passengers. Now consignments of goods could end up missing their flights more often, as "unknown" consignors face the prospect of longer security checks following the introduction of new regulations.

Such logistical uncertainties would be unthinkable for PRÜFTECHNIK AG. The company belongs to the first thousand in Germany (status number 802) to have successfully completed the German Federal Aviation Office audit to become a "known consignor". This status will assume major importance from spring 2013, when not having it will mean unavoidable additional security checks before cargo is loaded onto the aircraft. Trade associations estimate that up to 65,000 companies in Germany will need to obtain this certification in order to avoid a "cargo jam" when dispatching consignments in future.

Meeting international standards

"As a leading global supplier serving customers around the world, the decision to swiftly implement this requirement was a matter of course," explains President and CEO Dr. Sebastian Busch. "Companies that sell top products must also be able to guarantee their customers speedy delivery. Our business partners in over 70 countries are entitled to expect this standard from us."

The more stringent Europe-wide security requirements for consignors of air cargo will enter into force on March 25. Companies that convey goods, spare parts, or other freight by air and do not possess official "known consignor" status will have to brace themselves for additional costs, impaired quality, and delivery delays. Unavoidable queues will occur in front of X-ray machines or scanners if consignments have not been screened in advance for unauthorized access and tampering.

Secure freight, speedy freight

In order to obtain official "known consignor" certification, the PRÜFTECHNIK Group -with its three constituent companies - had to create a security program which clearly sets out its processes for production, packaging, storage, transportation, and physical security. Special security officers were selected and trained, as were around 60 employees at relevant points along the supply chain. The certification process lasted roughly one year and included on-site inspections by German Federal Aviation Office inspectors. Although the whole process was a major investment in terms of cost and personnel - as company management is well aware following completion and approval - it will pay dividends over the years to come.


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