Joint Forces for Solar in the USA: The Future of the West Coast PV Markets and the Role of Electrical Energy Storage Technology

Sunny California and the American west coast states are among the most significant photovoltaic markets in the USA. With a current total of around 150,000 solar projects, California is even leading in a nationwide comparison.
(PresseBox) (Bonn, ) Sunny California and the American west coast states are among the most significant photovoltaic markets in the USA. With a current total of around 150,000 solar projects, California is even leading in a nationwide comparison. In the first quarter of 2013 alone, over 300 MW of solar capacity was installed in the Golden State. Now, branch representatives will meet in San Francisco to discuss the future of solar energy in this market, and, for the first time, talk about the significance of electrical energy storage technologies in the US.

Bonn, Germany / San Francisco, CA. As part of the "PV Briefing & Networking Forum USA" on 23rd May, local decision-makers, installers, EPCs, manufacturers and associations will meet to discuss the developments of photovoltaic power and the role of storage technologies on the American west coast, especially in California. The international networking platform Joint Forces for Solar provides installers, manufacturers, project planers and investors with the chance to discuss current developments and new solutions for the challenges of the market.

The event will last an entire day, and begins with an in-depth look at the Californian solar market. In the morning Daniela Schreiber, Executive Vice President of HRCC USA, will open with a talk on the opportunities and challenges of the local PV market. This will be supplemented by content from Benjamin Airth, Board Member of CALSEIA, who will be providing an overview of the current political framework. This will then by followed by a panel discussion in which panelists will be covering questions such as how sustainable growth can be achieved in the downstream sector.

According to the estimates of EuPD Research's analysts, the American west coast PV markets are likely to show continuing positive development until the end of the year. Several large solar parks are still under construction and will begin operation in the course of the year. Four of these projects alone will contribute an installed capacity of around 1.4 GW.

These developments have been driven by numerous subsidization programs which have further accelerated growth. Positive impulses were also provided by the introduction of emissions trading in California in November 2012. The west coast is expected to remain the dominating market for photovoltaics in the USA.

The afternoon program will focus on energy storage, and will discuss the role of and the future potentials for this increasingly significant technology. Chris Edgette, Senior Director of the California Energy Storage Alliance will open with a presentation on the future of energy supply and the role of solar storage. Following this, Darren Hammell, Executive Vice President of Princeton Power Systems, will then present a number of practical solutions for the entry into the storage market. Based on their analyses, the market experts at EuPD Research expect the storage sector to develop positively in California. This is confirmed by news that this year a 150 MW solar plant will be enhanced by a commercial storage system for the first time.

The session will close with a panel discussion on the development potentials for solar storage systems, followed by a keynote speech from Daniela Schreiber, presenting the newly founded International Battery & Energy Storage Allicance IBESA, and showing possible ways for companies to establish themselves in this sector. The alliance presents a networking platform for manufacturers of batteries and electrical energy storage systems for the solar industry.

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The event takes place on 23rd May 2013 in the historic Log Cabin of the Presidio Trust of San Francisco. It begins at 8:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm. A comprehensive program of the event is available online under:

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