Userbooster Light v.4.6 and iPhone/iPad Editions Released!

Userbooster Light v.4.6 and iPhone/iPad Editions Released! (PresseBox) (Langen, ) maxcrc GmbH is pleased to announce the release of Userbooster Light v.4.6. The new version supports iOS users, those who own iPhone and iPad. The software now allows you to synchronize the configuration settings between all your devices and manage your users' accounts from anywhere, which can be a great convenience for those who travel a lot.

Version 4.6 of Userbooster Light has just been released and available for immediate download at

Unlike similar tools for managing directory servers, Userbooster allows you to create, modify and delete objects locally and then commit the changes to a directory server in a mouse click. With the new version you can manage anything stored in a LDAP repository using your iOS device.

You can see some screenshots at our website at or purchase the application directly in iStore.

All three editions have the same configuration file so you can synchronize the settings between your devices via http/https or email. Userbooster is an unbeatable LDAP Manager client, especially for travellers. One of the distinguished features is that you can make a call directly using the phone number stored in an attribute. That means you have one more phone/address book out of the box.

You can read the full list of changes with screenshots at


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