Remote-controlled vehicle simulators for the Swedish police

szenaris GmbH supplies two virtual reality training systems for the use of remote-controlled vehicles to remove hazardous objects
szenaris develops virtual reality training systems for the use of remote-controlled vehicles to remove hazardous objects (PresseBox) (Bremen, ) ´The Swedish police will be using virtual reality training systems to train its officers in the use of remote-controlled vehicles to examine and remove hazardous objects. The systems were recently supplied by szenaris GmbH, a Bremen-based specialist for innovative e-learning applications.

Remote-controlled vehicles such as the "tEODor", "PackBot EOD" and "telemax" models are used by security forces around the world to minimise the danger to persons when searching for example cars or bags for hidden bombs, referred to by specialists as "improvised explosive devices" (IEDs). Controlling these vehicles requires extensive training, as they offer a wide range of functionalities and their professional deployment can save lives; however, it is not always practical to use the expensive machines themselves for training purposes.

szenaris has developed a special e-learning application that includes all the software and hardware components required to realistically simulate the operation of these remote-controlled vehicles – at a cost that is nonetheless significantly lower than that of the original systems because the processes take place virtually: on standard laptops. The operating controls for the machines are however original components to ensure that the training experience does not differ from real-life use.

szenaris developed special interfaces to connect these operating controls to the laptops and placed particular emphasis on precisely replicating the vehicles' behaviour, for example in terms of response times between the operating device and the gripping function. The simulation uses a highly accurate 3D model of the respective machine and includes all its functionalities, such as driving, gripper movements, gripping function, camera and lighting.

The Swedish police has purchased two training systems in order to use them at separate locations. This is the first time that szenaris has sold a complete product of this magnitude; the company has previously almost exclusively developed individual solutions for customers. The learning system for remote-controlled vehicles can be supplied to all interested security forces at short notice.

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