Socket Communications Expands Mobile Operating Systems for WLAN Products Using Development Partners

OS Development Partners Provide Expansion to Linux, ThreadX and VxWorks
(PresseBox) (NEWARK, Calif.,, ) Socket Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), an innovative provider of mobile productivity products, today announced it is working with third party OS Development Partners to expand the operating system for its WLAN product line. The Socket OS Development Partner Program is focused on expanding the markets for Socket’s WLAN hardware and software products. Current OS Development Partners include:

Codetelligence’s Embedded SDIO technology consists of a collection of system software components and tools supporting SD Memory and SDIO card peripherals on embedded systems. The software components are based on Codetelligence’s proprietary Embedded SDIO Stack™ architecture. Codetelligence fully supports Socket’s SDIO WLAN cards for Linux (2.6.x, 2.4.x).

embWiSe offers a proprietary embedded SDIO software stack framework called SDIOWorx for Linux, ThreadX and uITRON for enabling device vendors, semicon, SDIO client chipset/card vendors to develop SDIO drivers/functionality in their designs. The SDIOWorx enables the developers to reduce their engineering lead-time and thus Time-to-Market. embWiSe supports Socket’s WLAN cards on their SDIOWorx stack framework under variants of LinuxOS and ThreadX RTOS.

Visuality Systems
Visuality Systems offers CIFS NQ™ (Network Quick) Client/Server middleware which provides a practical, simple to implement and quick to market solution through integration of the Microsoft CIFS client/server capabilities into the VxWorks, INTEGRITY, velOSity, ThreadX, Embedded Linux and other embedded real time operating systems. Visuality fully supports Socket’s WLAN cards for its CIFS NQ middleware.

“Each of our OS Development Partners offer unique and advanced technology solutions for Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) environments for creating mobile devices,” said Mike Gifford, founder and executive vice president for Socket. “We’re delivering on our commitment to broaden our product offerings across more operating systems in the mobile device marketplace. Since operating system expertise takes years to develop, we’re leveraging our peripheral hardware and software expertise by recruiting third party OS development partners to assist in our expansion efforts. We’ve already announced some design-wins with mobile device manufacturers, and we’ll continue our efforts to deliver our WLAN products into more embedded systems.”

Partner Information:
Codetelligence is headquartered in Edmonds, Washington and can be reached at 206-527-4344 or

embWiSe is headquartered in Chennai, India and can be reached at +91-44-42151918 or

Visuality Systems is headquartered in Yokneam Ilit, Israel and can be reached at 972 (4) 959-2155 or


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