SAGA.M31 – Galaxy – Release 1.5 now provides a JDBC Interface and a Web Service Connector

The Virtual Data Federation Server SAGA.M31 – Galaxy – has been enhanced by two major Features which are also available in the free “Limited Edition”.
Product Logo (PresseBox) (Alzey, ) By providing a JDBC Interface SAGA.M31 – Galaxy – now simulates a SQL Server to existing JDBC enabled Applications. This offers a new flexibility to access data that resides not only on SQL oriented databases but also on LDAP oriented Directory Server, 3270 Mainframe Transaction and Web Services. Combining data from these different sources provides a highly flexible Virtual Data Federation structure that now is also accessible via JDBC. A major step to easily implement a “Data Access Service” into organizations SOA approaches.
“We like to make it as easy as possible for our customers and users to integrate Data Access Services for their SOA plans. Providing access via JDBC enables organization and users, besides the more modern XML / SOAP Interfaces, to use a more traditional way to access their data independently from the underlying structure or source” said Jochen Grotepass, Managing Director of SAGA D.C. GmbH.

Also new is the XML/Web Services Backend Connector. Besides the existing LDAP, JDBC and 3270 Transaction Connectors, the new Web Services Connector opens a new range of data to integrate into the Virtual Data Federation Structure. “It took so long to release this new connector because we wanted to provide a flexible connector framework that allows a smooth integration into our User Interface. We had to restructure this framework to make this integration easier and without a hassle.” Said Saqib Rasul, Developer at SAGA D.C. GmbH

The commercial “Professional Edition” also got a new Feature and some Enhancements.
In Release 1.4 the “Extended Container” definition were introduced. With Release 1.5 it is now possible to create a quasi “join” from within this Extended Container. That means that a response from one request that provides a table structure can now be used to retrieve further data from another request by recursively walking through the response. The results will be merged into a Container response as one row. Also the user interface got some minor modifications to accomplish the new function.
Also new is the XML transformation Service that enables SAGA.M31 – Galaxy – to transform incoming XML/SOAP Requests and outgoing XML/SOAP Responses into another layout. This Feature was requested by organizations that already have implemented SOAP Standards and Request Layouts. To provide a smooth integration of SAGA.M31 – Galaxy – these requests can now be transformed. To provide a new Response structure, the implementation of XSLT into the outgoing Layer was done.

“We are proud by this milestone in development. Since end of April 2005, when we released Version 1.0 of SAGA.M31 – Galaxy – more than 800 downloads of the Developer Edition shows us, that more and more users see a benefit in providing a Virtual Data Federation Server and start to integrate our product” said Christian Spaeth, another Developer and responsible for Q&A at SAGA D.C. GmbH
Summarizing the new Features of Release 1.5:
- JDBC Interface
It is now possible to retrieve Information from the Virtual Data Federation Server SAGA.M31 – Galaxy – via a JDBC Interface. This enables developer to more smoothly migrate to the newer XML/Web Service technologies.
- XML/Web Service Connector
This new connector enables SAGA.M31 – Galaxy – to retrieve data from Web Services or XML-HTTP enabled applications and feed them into the Virtual Data Federation structure of a Container. This opens a new door for data integration.
- XML Transformation Service (Professional Edition only)
This Service enables the transformation of incoming XML/SOAP Requests that do not follow the required layout of SAGA.M31 – Galaxy –. Outgoing Responses can be transformed by using a XSLT which enables requesting application to receive their expected layout of the XML/SOAP response.
- Enhancments to the Extended Containers (Professional Edition only)
The new enhancements allows quasi “joins” of data inside a container. This enables the recursive data retrieval from an table response. Results are merged into a row of associated data. Also some minor User Interface Enhancements were made.
SAGA.M31 – Galaxy –, a Virtual Data Federation Server, is an application under any J2EE compliant Container like Apache Jakarta Tomcat or IBM WebSphere AS.

Downloads of the free Developer Edition can be done from the product Website A valid Email-Address is the only requirement to send a time limited download-link.

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SAGA D.C. GmbH was founded 1988 as an independent Software and Consulting Company. Key focus since the first day is the Integration of Data and Networks in heterogeneous Environments. Since many years, SAGA D.C. is Platinum PRO Partner of OpenConnect Systems for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. SAGA D.C. is also Business Partner of IBM’s Software Group in Germany.
Other areas of business are Security, Single-Sign-On Solutions and Output Management.

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