Global launch of ProtectStar Mobile Firewall on May 16, 2006

ProtectStar Mobile Firewall (PresseBox) (Bradenton, FL, USA, ) ProtectStar Inc., the independent international IT security company, is due to launch the highly effective ProtectStar Mobile Firewall 1.0 on March 16, 2006 on an international scale.

The ProtectStar Mobile Firewall from ProtectStar protects Windows-based organisers, handhelds, PDAs/MDAs and smartphones against unauthorised third-party access, viruses, worms and trojans.

The most important benefits of the ProtectStar Mobile Firewall include:

• Central management
• Predefined filters and services
• IP filter / firewall
• Content filter
• Bluetooth, WiFi, UMTS, USB und GPRS security
• DoS (Denial of Service) protection
• Dialler protection
• Object-based filters
• VPN support
• Traffic logging

Additional costs caused by undesirable internet connections, downtimes and illegal data access to sensitive corporate, private and device data are now a thing of the past.

Windows Mobile operating systems do not have security architectures of their own! For a responsible user, it is therefore almost a MUST to consider using a mobile firewall to ensure optimum protection of data and devices.

Further details and product specifications can be downloaded from the ProtectStar website


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