empolis takes over iTV business and iTV browser pontegra

(PresseBox) (Gütersloh, ) Retroactive March 1, 2006 empolis GmbH takes over the iTV business unit and iTV browser pontegra from Nionex GmbH, the DirectGroup Bertelsmann technology company. empolis is part of arvato, the internationally networked media and communication services provider of Bertelsmann. The objective of this takeover is to create synergies between the iTV business and technologies, which empolis develops as innovative IT services provider in the field of mobile entertainment, and to take advantage of the joint potential.

"The transition between broadcast, mobile and internet technologies become more and more blurred and interactive services increasingly rely on a combination of these technologies. Our customers expect single-source solutions involving mobile content, digital download and mass activity, including a full service portfolio", explains Bernhard Ribbrock, CEO of both empolis and arvato mobile.

In 2002, Nionex launched the world-wide first DVB-HTML based browser for MHP (Multimedia Home Platform). By now this product, called pontegra, is successfully established on the international market. Since then, leading European broadcasters and cable providers have chosen pontegra and have relied on the extensive expertise of the Nionex iTV team, which has now been taken over by empolis.


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