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International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts Cleaning in Friedrichshafen
parts2clean International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts Cleaning in Friedrichshafen, from the 7th through the 9th of November, 2006 (PresseBox) (Neuffen, ) Once a necessary evil, now a quality criterion – industrial parts cleaning has evolved into a value creation process in a broad range of industry sectors. This is demonstrated by the highly demanding requirements specified for cleaning results. As Europe’s only Trade Fair for industrial cleaning technology, parts2clean offers a complete overview of processes, procedures, media and methods for achieving and documenting the required levels of parts cleanliness. The leading Trade Fair for industrial parts cleaning and drying will take place in Friedrichshafen – for the first time in two pavilions – from the 7th through the 9th of November, 2006.

The costly and image-damaging consequences of parts which have not been cleaned in compliance with specified requirements range from high scrap rates and expensive rework, right on up to product failure. Accordingly, industrial parts cleaning makes an important contribution to value creation in the manufacturing processes. As a result, production facilities are faced with the challenge of reliably fulfilling ever stricter cleanliness requirements in a reproducible, environmentally sound fashion, as well as economically in light of prevailing cost pressure. Solutions for this task, which serve to hone the respective company’s competitive edge, will be presented at the 4th parts2clean, International Trade Fair for industrial parts cleaning, with even more comprehensive offerings than ever before. Numerous exhibitors have significantly increased booth floor space in order to be able to present their products and services in all of their manifold diversity. Beyond this, event promoter fairXperts GmbH has also been able to attract additional renowned foreign and domestic manufacturers of industrial cleaning systems.

Solutions for Batch Processes, and for Cleaning Individual Parts and Working Surfaces
Product offerings include equipment for batch processes, as well as for cleaning individual parts. The latter is long since the state-of-the-art in the automotive industry for engine and transmission manufacturing. And it will be used in the future to an ever greater extent by suppliers to the automotive industry, as well as in other sectors, as a result of stricter cleanliness requirements, the avoidance of damage due to unnecessary parts handling and ever increasing levels of automation. Where the cleaning of mass produced parts is concerned, batch processes allow for high throughput in short periods of time, thus assuring a minimal share in overall manufacturing costs per workpiece. Decisive factors in the selection of an ideal cleaning system include the material or combination of materials to be cleaned, type of contamination, part geometry, cleaning requirements and production throughput.
Targeted cleaning of working surfaces such as sealing, joining and bonding surfaces, laser welding surfaces and pre-assembled conserved parts will also become more significant. This is due to the cleanliness requirements for the respective workpiece which may vary widely, because cases of this sort are usually time consuming and costly if the entire part has to be cleaned in accordance with the cleanliness requirement for the working surface by means of conventional, aqueous methods, or with solvents. Numerous suppliers of equipment for special cleaning processes targeted at confined working surfaces such as CO2 snow jet cleaning, as well as laser and plasma cleaning, will also be represented at parts2clean. Manufacturers of blasting equipment such as shot-blasting wheels and barrel finishing systems will also take advantage of Europe’s only parts cleaning trade fair to a greater extent in order to exhibit their products.

Cleaning Agents, Media Processing and Workpiece Carrier Systems
The 4th parts2clean is also expecting more exhibitors than ever before from the fields of cleaning agents, media processing and workpiece carrier systems. In this area it’s quite apparent that aqueous cleaning agents and solvents will continue to play the leading role in industrial cleaning processes. Suppliers are offering improved efficiency and environmental compatibility, as well as shorter process times, with newly developed products. Where
aqueous media are concerned, the trend is moving towards cleaning agents which demonstrate good contamination dissolving properties even at low temperatures. In the field of solvent cleaning, the introduction of polar solvents allows for the removal of non-polar contamination (grease and oil), as well as polar contamination (aqueous coolants and lubricants, as well as chips), in a single washing cycle. Media processing helps to extend the service life of utilised cleaning agents by means of ideally matched filtration and separation systems.

Verification and Documentation of Cleanliness
Adherence to the specified cleanliness requirements alone is not enough: Verification and documentation of compliance is also imperative for quality oriented manufacturing. Quality assurance and analysis systems for inspecting the cleanliness of part surfaces and working surfaces, as well as for monitoring rinsing baths, will represent an important additional exhibition topic at this year’s parts2clean, for which exhibitor numbers have also increased.
Exhibitor information offerings will be rounded out with an attractive and informative supplementary program including the time tested presentation forum and a special show covering the entire process sequence for industrial parts cleaning. As has also been the case in the past, technical support will be provided by the Fraunhofer Alliance for Cleaning Technology (Allianz Reinigungstechnologie).

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