BMW Sauber F1 Team - Test in Barcelona - Tag 1

(PresseBox) (München, ) Weather conditions: wet in the morning but dry in the afternoon, air: 14-21°C, track: 17-32°C

Number of cars participating: 15

Fastest lap overall: 1:14.924, Felipe Massa, Ferrari 248 F1, Bridgestone

Robert Kubica:
Chassis / engine: BMW Sauber F1.06-06 / BMW P86 V8
Test kilometres today: 439 km (95 laps)
Fastest lap: 1:16.520s (lap 89)

Jacques Villeneuve:
Chassis / engine: BMW Sauber F1.06-07 / BMW P86 V8
Test kilometres today: 347 km (75 laps)
Fastest lap: 1:16.627s (lap 70)

There had been rain overnight and so it was a wet start to the test. The team did very little work in the morning apart from a systems check in the wet. After an early lunch, Jacques did aero work, which produced some promising results for Silverstone, and also some set-up work. Robert worked on a tyre casing programme for Michelin and also the set-up.

What comes next:
Tomorrow Nick Heidfeld will arrive to take over from Robert for the first of his two days. The programme will feature overall car and systems development and also the continuation of tyre work. The team will also continue with its preparation for the next race at Silverstone. The weather forecast is for a dry day.


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