Hugin Group launches an innovative news distribution service for IR and PR professionals ...

... that will meet EU Transparency Directive when it comes into force in January 2007
Connector screenshot (PresseBox) (Oslo, ) This week Hugin launched the new generation of its distribution and disclosure service platform, Connector V8. The new online application gives IR and PR professionals access to a complete online distribution suite of products including over 100 global newswires, over 40.000 analysts and institutional investors, thousands of financial and media websites, as well as an online searchable journalist database in the Nordic countries and a portfolio of global media circuits and trade lists. In addition the new Connector will meet the EU Transparency Directive when it comes into force in January 2007.

Providing all relevant contacts and channels available online within the application, the Connector enables the corporate communication professional to communicate their company´s message both locally and globally, 24/7.

The Connector includes a suite of disclosure services meeting the new EU Transparency Directive requirements when they come in force in January 2007. "The Transparency Directive and ongoing country specific activities show clearly that we fulfil future requirements as presently known," says Tor Bækkelund, CEO of Hugin Group.

With the new online application platform, Connector v8, Hugin continues to make the communication with investors, media, analysts and other decision makers much more effective by giving full control of the communication process, delivering publishing efficiency with everything from content editing, audience selection to advanced scheduling logic.

"Our new Connector is a result of 11 years expertise in developing innovative distribution services in the online environment. Only a few days after the launch, I am excited to hear positive feedback from clients: we have truly understood their challenges and met their expectations," says Bækkelund.

The new Connector is the only integrated and complete corporate communication distribution service platform - helping IR and PR professionals to fulfil their complete distribution needs. The launch strengthens Hugin´s position as Europe´s leading provider of IR and PR communication services.


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