HyRange®- Extender made by Proton Motor is on duty at Hermes

Fuel cells revolutionise local transport and logistics
Hermes Alternative Fahrzeugflotte mit HyRange-Extender (PresseBox) (Puchheim, ) Hermes is testing a 7.5 to duty vehicle of the UK based company Smith Electric Vehicles, which combines a Fuel Cell HyRange®-Extender of Proton Motor with a battery-electric powertrain. The main argument for this type of vehicle is the prevention of noise emission and polutant emission, which predestinated this vehicle to operate in urban regions. The vehicle fits for the use of Hermes parcel service as well as 2-man-handling service, e.g. delivery of furniture and equipment.

The drive system is based on the HyRange® fuel cell system combined with a battery. This system meets demands in respect of range, payload and costs, with zero emissions and low-noise drive.

The hydrogen based HyRange®-Extender for electrical battery-driven commercial vehicles and buses provides additional energy for areas of application for which the existing battery capacity is not sufficient enough. Supported by the German NIP (Nationale Innovationsprogramm Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellentechnologie) the system was developed as a modular solution in order to ensure a broad range of applications for various platforms. The only emission produced during operation is a small amount of clean, warm water. No harmful substances are produced.


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