attocube systems AG acquires the majority holding in Neaspec GmbH and further expands its leadership position as first-class provider for nanoscale microscopy tools

attocube systems acquires the majority holding in Neaspec GmbH (from left: Prof. Khaled Karraï, Scientific Director attocube; Dr. Fritz Keilmann, shareholder & founder Neaspec; Dr. Martin Hohla, business manager Neaspec; Dr. Dirk Haft, Vorstandsvorsitzender attocube) (PresseBox) (Igersheim, ) Munich-based nanotechnology specialist attocube took over the majority share in Neaspec GmbH by mid-February. Neaspec - a company based in Martinsried close to Munich - specializes in developing scanning near-field optical microscopes (SNOM). These microscopes break the resolution limit of conventional existing optical microscopes and therefore open up completely new applications for nanoanalytical characterization. attocube - unrivaled market leader in the cryogenic microscopy market - will profit from the cooperation by expanding the portfolio with further elaborated measurement techniques in nanotechnology.

Both companies share a common history and the same values: They have been founded as spin-offs from prestigious research institutes (CeNS & Max-Planck-Institut), are passionate in developing excellent products, enabling applications close to the limit of what is physically and technically feasible and - last but not least - have a dynamic and highly qualified team. Due to Dr. Dirk Haft, CEO of attocube systems AG, the cooperation will generate a further surge in growth: "Neaspec's sophisticated products and their first-class technical know-how ideally complements our existing portfolio. This offers the opportunity to expand our innovation leadership in the long term and to secure further growth. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation and many inspiring ideas to come."

Prof. Khaled Karraï, founder and Scientific Director of attocube, is also delighted about the new partnership: "Neaspec is the perfect partner for attocube. The award-winning NeaSNOM is doubtless one of the most elaborated SNOM systems currently available on the market and is the ideal base for benefitting from emerging technological and personnel synergies. Together with Neaspec we will definitely develop pioneering innovations in the future." As patent holder of the world's first 'tuning fork SNOM' Karraï speaks from experience.

Dr. Stefan Schiefer, Manging Director of Neaspec, emphasizes: "My team and I are looking forward to the cooperation with attocube. It opens up promising new opportunities for us and our clients and we will profit from attocube's technological know-how, their longstanding expertise and experience, as well as their worldwide distribution network. We are excited to start working on the first common projects!"

Both companies are planning joint trade fair visits during the next months as well as cooperation in research & development activities.

about attocube systems AG:

attocube systems AG has an international reputation for innovation, precision and excellence in the broad field of nanotechnology applications. The company was founded in 2001 as spin-off form the CeNS (Center for NanoScience) at the Ludwig-Maximilian University, one of Germanys top universities.

Ground-breaking innovation of the company was the development of ultra-compact, nano-precise positioning devices, which were - for the first time ever - adaptable for extreme conditions such as cryogenic temperatures, absolute vacuum environments and highest magnetic fields.

In addition, attocube develops and produces a broad range of scanning probe microscopes used in fundamental research as well as elaborated sensor solutions. As well as attocube's nanopositioners these sensors are used in a variety of industrial applications such as semiconductor industry und micromachining, life-sciences and telecommunications.

attocube already won prestigious prizes and awards, the most important ones being the Bavarian Innovation Award (2006), the German Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurs (2008), and the TOP100 Innovation Award (2013).

about Neaspec:

Neaspec GmbH was founded in 2007 as spin-off form the Max-Planck-Institute and is an international recognized specialist for outstanding system solutions in the field of nanoscale optical microscopy for most challenging applications in research and industry.

The company developed and patented a pioneering new measuring method, enabling optical measurements in the 10 nanometer regime for the first time. This method builds the base for the

'NeaSNOM' product line: ultra-stable and easy-to-use microscope systems which surpass the resolution of existing conventional near-field microscopes. NeaSNOM combines the best of two worlds - the nanoscale resolution of atomic force microscopy (AFM) with the analytical power of visible, infrared and even THz imaging & spectroscopy. This opens a new era for modern nanoanalytical applications in physics, chemistry, and biology.

The successful products of Neaspec already received various awards (STEP Award 2013, Microscopy Today Innovation Award 2013).


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