LOGINventory6.1: Increased usability, improved features

(PresseBox) (Munich, ) Based on many users' valuable feedback, the intuitive usability of network inventory software LOGINventory was improved in many details since the release of version 6. The new version comes with a multi-user language user interface currently integrating English and German, other languages will follow soon. The update to version 6.1 is free for all licensed LOGINventory6 users.

An important innovation is the graphical display of the network topology. By a few mouse clicks the user can create an image of the entire network structure without the need of having installed an auxiliary tool as Microsoft Visio. Another modification is that LOGINsert, the module for database reconciliation, is now installed as a Windows service. The gathered asset information will now continuously be updated in the background. Furthermore, the software usage agent was enhanced and is now able to monitor classical Windows desktop apps as also Windows store apps.

Roland Lötzerich, CEO of LOGIN, says about LOGINventory6.1: "After the release of LOGINventory6.0 we received a lot of feedback for optimizing the software's usability. With its vast feature spectrum and setting options LOGINventory is a very powerful and easy-to-use tool meeting most of today's requirements in medium sized and large corporations. The users are enthusiastic about LOGINventory6."

Without a valid Software Upgrade Subscription LOGINventory (SUSL) the license upgrade from previous versions only costs 60 percent of the license price. The upgrade includes 12 months SUSL. The free version for 20 assets and more information can be seen at www.loginventory.com.


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