TerraSip mobile VoIP Community develops new CTI Standard

Develop your own CTI applications and save having to change over to VoIP
Sip Telephony using links with URL-Dialing (PresseBox) (Estepona, ) TerraSip S.A., a pioneering VoIP telephone company, has developed a standard which provides VoIP users with a simple way of making CRM systems, address books and other applications CTI compliant. “At last, with the development of the function ‘URL-Dialing’ we have managed to put the real advantages of VoIP into the hands of ordinary users.”, as Daniel David, product manager at TerraSip, puts it.

Sip Telephony using links with URL-Dialing:
The new function allows the user to initiate a telephone call simply by following a link to an internet address. This address can be configured as a link from other applications or internet pages or even registered as a ‘favorite’ in a web browser.
As Mr David points out, this leads to practically unlimited ways of implementing the new function, ranging from integrating it into the address book of an email program, linking it with a CRM system to implementing a telephone link on one’s own website (‘Sip-Free’).

The Sip-Free Button – the first toll free VoIP number:
TerraSip’s ‘Sip-Free’ Button represents a very effective implementation of this new technology. The button provides a way of accessing a VoIP account at no cost to the caller. The customer enters his telephone number in a field on a web page and then clicks the button. This triggers a return call from the provider to the customer. As with a normal freecall number there is no charge to the customer and the provider only has to pay the usual cheap VoIP rate charged by TerraSip – e.g. 1 cent per minute for Germany or 1.4 cents for the whole of the rest of Europe. That represents a significant difference compared to conventional freecall numbers.

Interested users can find the details describing the ‘URL-Dialing’ interface on the TerraSip website. TerraSip is developing further applications using the relevant standard such as an interface for Microsoft Outlook or VolP communication simply using a browser without a VoIP compliant end device.


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