Pink-Domains: Paint it pink!

The domain for the young girl's world
Pink-Domains: Show that you feel like your target group (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) If your target group are young girls, then .pink is your domain, as it the young girl's colour.

Start a movement and set new trends with pink-domains!

Introducing the vibrant new domain, pink-domains are now available for registration! Like the color, pink-domains have big personality! A pink-domain address is a celebration of all the things you or your business are passionate about - the things that are impressive and expressive.

Pink-domains domains let you and your web presence express all that is uniquely you.

Pink-domains domains are perfect for causes and organizations that you support. Use pink-domains for a fundraising page or for a blog you use to inspire others to share in your journey and stir them into action! Pink-domains domains show your individual flair and are perfect for a personal blog where you share your style, D.I.Y., art, musics and passions. Pink-domains are perfect for businesses that want to connect to a youthful, optimistic and expressive audience. Pink-domains domains give a professional, but unique, identity to your business or project. If you think in a distinctly pink way, then choose a pink-domain for your website and email address and let the world know everything that's brag worthy about you! !

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