Oxygen detection and new line of DPSS lasers

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) We are happy to introduce some new additions to our already extensive portfolio.

Eagleyard’s DFB laser diodes at 760 and 764 nm hit the strongest absorption lines of Oxygen, thus enabling non-contact and remote detection and measurement by absorption spectroscopy. Thanks to the significantly higher output power compared to other technological solutions, these diodes are ideally suited for smoky combustion applications or very dusty and harsh environments. Excellent long-term wavelength stability makes regular recalibration cycles obsolete which drastically reduces operational expenditure.

Continuum has released its new line of diode-pumped solid state lasers. The new DPSS lasers offers choices in repetition rates, pulse energy, power, pulse duration and wavelengths. There are four basic laser platforms: Terra/Terra PIV (Nd:YLF), and Mesa/Mesa PIV (Nd:YAG). Features like a proprietary pump chamber, novel diode module design, Class 10000 clean room manufacturing and extensive vibration testing set a new benchmark in quality and establish new heights of rugged reliability. Typical applications are scientific research, ultrafast amplifier pumping, Particle Image Velocimetry and laser micromachining.


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