If Red is your Colour, the Red-Domain is your Domain!

Make it .red hot, with .red, the exciting new gTLD!
.Red: Colour in English, Internet in Spainish (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) Red is the favorite colour of many people. Red is in Spainish another word for the web or the internet.

Meet the red-domain: the new domain that brings the heat to everything you're passionate about! Like red lipstick, a red dress, or a little red sports car; the color red brings intensity to everything. And now the the red-domain domain will do the same for your website! It's the perfect domain for your site if you want your web address to bring as much excitement as your content.

The red-domain is for something you're passionate about. Share your interests, causes, and point-of-view on a the red-domain blog or site. Want to make a bold fashion statement? From Valentino's jaw dropping gowns to a crimson lacquered nail; when you want to go bold in beauty and fashion you always go red! Try a the red-domain web address for your beauty or fashion blog or your digital style portfolio.

What's love got to do with it? Red is universally associated with love. Think roses, hearts, and Valentine's Day. Use a red-domain for your love or Valentine's related business! Think something is just wrong? The color red universally means "stop" and a the red-domain domain can create a unique web address for any site devoted to ending something you think should be stopped right now. Red is the color for opposition thinking around the world. When you want change, you need a the red-domain.

Christmas is painted red! Is Christmas important to you or your business? Put your site in a proper frame of mind with a the red-domain address.

When you need to heat up your web presence, no other domain will do: Make it .red hot!

Marc Müller


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