Berlin-Domain for Anybody since March 18th

Berlin-Domains are ranked better by Google at local searches than other domains (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) Until March 16 trademark owners can register at .berlin. Anybody can register at .berlin since March 18th.

Not only the capital of Germany is called Berlin. Many cities in the world are named Berlin. All inhabitants of towns named Berlin might be interested in registering Berlin-Domains.

"I am a Berliner" is a quotation from a speech made in the year 1963 by U.S. President John F. Kennedy in the Western part of the then devided Berlin. If you are a citizen of one of the Berlins below in US or elsewhere, you could also proudly say:" I am a Berliner".

Do you know, that the capital of Germany, Berlin, will introduce a new domain called .berlin? And do you know, that you are eligible to register at
the new .berlin domain? Does your company have a settlement at Berlin or sell services and products in Berlin?

A special website in English will help you, if you are interested to register your names, trade marks, products or services at .Berlin:

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