3D Engine of Bitmanagement for real-time und online capable content supports Oculus Rift

BIM – Building Information Management in a virtual world slightly shifted per eye (PresseBox) (Berg near Munich, ) Based on Oculus Rift headset fully immersive with "BS Contact Stereo" / Alternative device to stereo-monitor or CAVE-projection / cost-effective, small and transportable for virtual worlds / Viewing direction generates orientation in the 3D world in full screen mode / existing VRML and X3D content can be used through "BS Contact Stereo" for Oculus Rift - even online

Bitmanagement Software GmbH located near Munich, Germany, is developing "Interactive 3D Web" - software. Focus is on the one hand side the product line of the 3D engine "BS Contact", that is used cross-platform for various operating systems and cross-browser for various internet-browsers as C++ plug-in - with special versions as "BS Contact Geo" for big CAD and GIS data-visualization online but also as "BS Contact Stereo" for special hardware like autostereoscopic monitors, CAVE-projections or now the Oculus Rift headset. On the other hand a second product line for workflow tools is developed with focus on "BS Content Studio", that re-uses 3D geometry for easy composing, animation and publishing 3D content optimized for various platforms.

For "BS Contact Stereo" support of the actual state of the art headset called Oculus Rift has been implemented. The user of this virtual reality device feels like in a world totally generated by a computer - in full screen modus without visual perception of the real world. The tied hardware is a head mounted display (HMD) acting as a visual output device located at once head that is showing 3D content close to once eyes. The Oculus Rift headset as virtual reality spectacles has sensors for recognition of the head-movements, so that the 3D world that is rendered in "BS Contact Stereo" can consider the viewing direction for the orientation in the virtual world. If the user e.g. is looking to the left side in the real world - the 3D scene rendered and presented in the Oculus headset shows in real-time how the virtual world continues left. Accordingly someone is descending with high realism into another world and is feeling like being located at another place.

Because of focus on X3D format - which enables interoperability for the most geometry tools - in the 3D engine of Bitmanagement the existing content can be used for interactive visualization and - if prepared properly - even only.


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