Video Scene Continues to Use DVDs

The results of Primera’s survey reflect the needs of the multimedia industry
Videoszene nutzt weiterhin überwiegend DVDs (PresseBox) (Wiesbaden, ) Primera Technology Europe, EMEA headquarter of Primera Technology Inc., a leading manufacturer of disc publishing equipment, recently conducted a survey among visitors at the Broadcast Video Expo (BVE) asking who still uses optical media for which application. The results of the poll are now available and surprisingly and fortunate for Primera the prediction that data is mainly saved in data clouds didn't come true. 94% of all participants still use CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs.

Optical media are mainly used for video production

51% of the respondents use optical media for video production of product videos, tutorials and original movies. 19% use optical discs for audio and music production. The result is also reflected in the chosen media types: 70% of the used optical media are DVDs and 20% are CDs. In addition to the mentioned applications CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs are also used for data transmission and distribution - a total of 11%.

Resources are used deliberately

Speaking of numbers, almost half of all respondents (44%) use on average up to 50 discs per month, 21% consume 51 to 100 discs. Monthly production runs of more than 500 or 1000 copies are less common compared to small and mid-sized runs, as large volumes are usually handled by pressing plants. The numbers reflect the change in society to protect the environment and towards a higher awareness of data protection.

Detailed results of the survey are available either on Primera's press website or on a specially set up Tumblr page.

As a thank you for the active participation Primera gave away an iPad mini among all respondents. Managing director Andreas Hoffmann took the opportunity to personally draw the winner. The lucky winner was already informed by Primera's marketing team and is also announced on Primera's website. Additional ten participants receive a Primera-branded consolation prize.

Depending on the needed disc capacity, whether Blu-ray or just CD/DVD support is required and whether a desktop or industry-grade solution is needed, Primera offers several different models starting with the Disc Publisher SE - a small 20-disc capacity desktop model and ends with the DP-4102 XRP - an industrial version that comes in a 18-gauge steel cabinet that can be rack-mounted. Access doors are supplied with locks and keys for maximum security. Like all disc publishers of the DP-4100 Series the DP-4102 XRP prints full-colour, 100% coverage discs with near-perfect print quality in just six seconds each. Separate ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black and a user-replaceable print head deliver lower cost per disc. Individual CMYK ink cartridges protect the environment and save money on every printed disc as only the colour(s) that need replenishing needs to be replaced. This is especially true for print layouts using more of one colour than another.


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