i-cor®: The first circulatory support system to pump in synchrony with the heart

With Synchronized Cardiac Assist i-cor® opens a new chapter in circulatory support
(PresseBox) (Mannheim, Germany, ) Xenios AG announces the introduction of ii-cor® - ts new business unit for interventional cardiology - and of its new circulatory support system.

With Synchronized Cardiac Assist i-cor® is the first system to synchronize mechanical circulatory support with the heartbeat. This innovation opens up new therapy options for patients suffering cardiogenic shock, and to bridge patients across high-risk interventions in the cardiac cath lab.

The technology, which is based on a miniaturized pulsatile pump for physiological cardiac support, combines myocardial protection and organ perfusion by assisting the weakened heart with synchronized pulses. With this ECG-triggered pulsation i-cor® actively improves coronary blood flow and limits afterload compared with conventional methods.

Pulsatile perfusion is essential to endothelial function which ensures adequate tissue perfusion in the organs. Maintaining organ function serves to prevent multiorgan failure and to improve clinical outcomes. Oxygenation and CO2 removal are integrated functions of i-cor®. Thus i-cor® offers physiological circulatory support, protection and safety during interventions in the cardiac cath lab, and for the management of cardiogenic shock in the ICU and the cath lab.
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