Haver CPA creates a connection through OPC

Haver CPA creates a connection through OPC (PresseBox) (Oelde, ) OLE for Process Control (OPC) was originally the name for standardised software interfaces for enabling data exchange between applications of various manufacturers in automation technology. The current OPC generation is named OPC-UA (OPC Unified Architecture).

In photo-optic particle analysis at HAVER & BOECKER the CpaServ was developed as the operating software for all CPA devices. If desired it can be set up with a local OPC server on the PC system and enables the communication between different software and hardware components without a bus system and the limitations associated therein. Using a pre-configured client, results data can be called up without effort. Here when desired the CpaServ software takes over the process control of the monitoring process.

This allows a flexible communication over a standardised interface, over which results data can be transmitted. Very little required set-up effort for the user. The standard content can be expanded and adjustments for comprehensive installations are of course possible.

CPA Particle Analysis:

In photo-optic systems the HAVER & BOECKER product range offers among other things modularly expandable units and systems that are geared for the future. This allows flexible solutions in all applications. Whether it's a laboratory, an online, or a customised industrial unit, our photo-optic systems have proven themselves with hundreds of materials in various fields: from the pharmaceutical and food industry and on to the coal and stone/earth, plastics and fertilizer industries.


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