Coherent at the International Thermal Spray Conference & Exposition 2014

Coherent at the International Thermal Spray Conference & Exposition 2014 (PresseBox) (Santa Clara, Calif., ) A new direct-diode laser system from Coherent Inc. now offers higher power, which translates into increased throughput for applications in metal cladding and heat treatment. The new HighLight 10,000D outputs 10 kW (at 975 nm), and can be configured to deliver a wide variety of interchangeable beam shapes (with widths from 1 mm to 12 mm, and lengths from 6 mm to 36 mm) to optimally match specific processing requirements. When combined with Coherent's pressurized or gravity feed powder nozzles and systems, this increased power level enables higher deposition rate cladding (>20lb/h), or the use of larger spot sizes for heat treating. In addition, Coherent offers a pyrometer for monitoring work surface temperature, which enables closed-loop control of laser power during heat treatment and cladding.

High power, direct-diode lasers are particularly well matched to the needs of heat treating and cladding as compared to traditional technologies and other laser types. For cladding, direct-diode lasers are superior to thermal spray methods because the laser produces a true metallurgical bond. Welding methods also produce a metallurgical bond, but introduce high heat input into the part, which often requires significant post-processing. This isn't the case for laser cladding. The lack of heat induced part distortion is also an advantage in direct-diode heat treating applications. Plus, the laser produces rapid heating over a spatially well-defined area, resulting in precise control over case depth. In addition, the laser process is self-quenching, which streamlines the production process.

As compared to other laser types, high power laser diode systems offer greater electrical efficiency, and thus lower operating costs. Plus, the naturally rectangular shaped output from a diode laser array is well matched to the needs of large area applications.


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