Hybrid automation solutions

Centralized, decentralized, or a combination of both - everything is possible
Hybrid auComponents for the combination of decentralized and centralized system architectures. (PresseBox) (Kirchheim/Teck, ) Simple and easy to complex systems. A demand that is currently leading the machine construction sector to divide up individual processes into subprocesses.

These must then be spatially and functionally combined. For this reason, today's drives are coming ever nearer to where the action takes place. The decentralized AMKASMART drive technology of AMK scores here. It includes servo inverters that are supplied by a centralized power supply module directly from the DC link as well as decentralized servo converters with integrated power supply. The third variant can be compared with an all-inclusive model: servo motor with integrated position detection, servo controller, power electronics, and real-time fieldbus interface.

Despite all the advantages of decentralized drive solutions, there are still processes for which it is appropriate or necessary to install centralized technology. This is how AMK sees the future: "The coexistence and cooperation of centralized and decentralized technology will be the standard case in the future. Efficiency gains will result if both solutions can make full use of their advantages," explains Jürgen Rapp, Director of Technical Marketing at AMK in describing the product philosophy. For the centralized controllers of the AMKASYN series, these advantages include compactness, regeneration capability, scalable functionality, optional liquid cooling, and an economical installation option ("Single-cable solution") that features only one cable to the motor.

With hybrid automation solutions, AMK is banking on the ability to combine decentralized and centralized system architectures. With this, the machine construction and plant construction sectors are equipped for all eventualities.


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