Double D for maximum dynamic response

DYNASYN DD: AMK develops a new servo motor series
The new DYNASYN DD motors have already athletically demonstrated (PresseBox) (Kirchheim/Teck, ) DYNASYN DD is the name of the newly developed synchronous servo motor series of AMK. Dynamic, compact, and energy-efficient - that is what the double D of these motors stands for. With this series, AMK is extending its current solution space of motors, which up-to-now consisted of types DT and DP. DT motors are designed for high-torque applications with high torque density and DP motors for high power applications with maximum output.

AMK knows what it means to be a top athlete in one's discipline. DYNASYN DD is therefore not so much an all-rounder but rather a motor that is in shape to deliver maximum dynamic response: very low moment of inertia, very high torque density,and very good efficiency. Accordingly, the new synchronous servo motors are well prepared to take the starting line if the race revolves around precise positioning drives and fast cycle drives that are likewise energy-efficient.

DYNASYN DD has already literally proven its athletic performance capability on land and in water. While still prototypes, these AMK motors were used to power perennial winning electric race cars at the Formula Student Electric races. They have also been used to power Seabobs - a type of watercraft that pulls swimmers and divers quickly through water. Due to their high energy efficiency, the motors provide the longest possible battery life without loss of driving pleasure.

So that the new motors also take first place when it comes to space-saving and fast installation, the DYNASYN DD is also available as a single-cable solution. It is available with convection cooling or liquid cooling. Users will find a large selection in order to choose the right motor for their particular application.


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