UNIVERSE Software GmbH: Customize PDF / FDF form data to CSV format and Best of 2014 – Initiative Small Business

Version 9 of the fdf-Converter created by user-definable rewriting rules from PDF / FDF form data adapted CSV / XLSX files. The version 11 of the pdf FieldMerge receives the certificate Best of 2014 from the Initiative Small Business.
(PresseBox) (Solingen, ) In the latest version of the fdf-Converter replacement rules can be defined to replace any characters by replacing characters or completely erase.

PDF Forms containing text fields for entering alphanumeric values. With it, any characters can be entered. Certain characters, especially quotes, but can cause problems in the further evaluation. If these characters are exported to a CSV file and then read, for example, in Excel, this lead to incorrect results.

Freely definable rewriting rules ensure that the generated CSV file can be read in any case of the processed programs. For the individual setting, an editor allows a country-specific adaptation.

The fdf-Converter is a very easy-to-use and inexpensive tool available for various operating systems. Single PDF / FDF files or entire directories with an unlimited number of files can be converted within seconds, combined into a single new table, and saved as a CSV file with one click.

The program pdf FieldMerge Professional was awarded the certificate Best of 2014 of the Initiative Small Business. This excellent product, the jury particularly convinced and thus belongs to the top group of over 5,000 entries submitted.

Among other things, the program provides mapping tables available, can be used by a wide variety of forms with different structures without adjustment of the forms or the data sources.

A built-in JavaScript engine allows calculations and changes before merging the data into the PDF form. This is especially helpful if the original form may not be changed, but calculations etc. are necessary.

Another useful tool is the project management, which can provide end-users a complete project that contains all the necessary data. The end user only determines the required records and created as desired in a very short time many personalized PDF forms.

Developed in JAVA products are available at www.pdf-office.com as a trial version for MAC, Windows and Linux.


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