Toolcraft receives Middle Franconian Founder Award in the category „Newcomer“

Toolcraft erhält den Mittelfränkischen Gründerpreis in der Kategorie Aufsteiger (PresseBox) (Georgensgmünd, ) On the 8th of May Bernd Krebs, founder and owner of MBFZ toolcraft GmbH, received the Middle Franconian Founder Award in the category "Newcomer". Since the year 2001 the Sparkasse Mittelfranken awards this coveted prize, which rewards the high innovative strength as well as the above-average potential of companies in the region.

Coveted award

The Middle Franconian Founder Award is awarded for exemplary performance of companies and founders in developing innovative and reliable business ideas, in setting up a new company and excellent entrepreneurial commitment. The category "Newcomer" rewards such founders, whose companies are at least five years old and reached an extraordinary growth in revenues in a very short time.

Continuous expansion through innovation

Since its foundation by Bernd Krebs in 1989, Toolcraft has followed a dedicated strategy of growth by innovation, excellency and highest product quality. With 254 employees altogether, today, the parent plant in Georgensgmünd and the mould making facilities in Spalt operate on a total floor space of more than 10.500 m². With innovative power, advanced equipment and a high level of certification, Toolcraft manufactures precision parts, assemblies, moulds and injection moulded parts.

Nomination at Bavarian level

The regional award corresponds to the Bavarian Founder Award, which will be awarded on the 22th of May at the entrepreneurs' conference in Nuremberg. The joint project of Sparkassen, Stern, ZDF and Porsche highlights exceptional success in founding and maintaining companies in its different development stages.


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