PCB-POOL® offers free 3D data for EAGLE-PCB-layout software

brd-to-3D upload on PCB-POOL website (PresseBox) (Aarbergen, ) The PCB manufacturer Beta LAYOUT LTD is now introducing a virtual 3D EAGLE viewer in its PCB-POOL®. The unique tool is called "brd-to-3D" and works with a proprietary library:


By uploading the EAGLE layout file (with more formats coming soon) the customer receives a "free" comprehensive 3D package consisting of:
- Photo-realistic images of your printed circuit board and SMD stencil
- A STEP file of the virtually assembled PCB
- A PDF formatted 3D view that rotates freely allowing all angles of viewing

The brd-to-3D tool is a complement to CadSofts EAGLE software that currently does not have a direct STEP-export.

Customers can also obtain a free laser-sintered 3D model of the assembled printed circuit board with the purchase of a PCB-POOL® prototype order.

For users not familiar with the 3D world the PCB-POOL® website provides prepared video tutorials that explain handling and processing of 3D files to the photo-realistic renderings.

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