AR15 – Pro-Shot Coyote Pouch & Cleaning Rod Kit

A practical tool for professional cleaning
The complete cleaning kit comes with a zipped cordura pouch (PresseBox) (Bergtheim, ) German importer Waffen Ferkinghoff displays the new Pro Shot "Coyote Pouch & Cleaning Rods Kit" as a practical and compact tool for cleaning .223/5.56mm caliber long guns. It contains a six-part Coyote-colored, two-step coated rod with a combined 32.5-inches working length, a black swive, T-shaped aluminium handle with a chamber lock end, a double-end Nylon utility brush and a bore brush, jag, patch holder, chamber brush and chamber mop, a 1-step needle oiler, cleaning patches and silicone-based cloths and a sample packet of Pro-Shot Gold lubricant. It is sold with a practical zipped coyote-tan cordura pouch.

The new Pro-Shot double-coated cleaning rods are machined out of MIL-SPEC, US-made steel bars, and their innovative manufacturing procedure allows them to come out of the lines with a double coating on the surface, which reduces attrition when they're used and reduces tear and wear both to the rods themselves and the bore.

Pro-Shot offers the cleaning rods in pre-packaged kits including handles, nylon utility brushes, bore brushes, spear point jags, patch holders, chamber brushes and mops, oilers, cleaning patches, Pro-Gold lubricant and silicone-based cloths.

Headquartered in Taylorville (Illinois, USA), the Pro-Shot Products Inc. company has been manufacturing cleaning kits and systems for hunting, sports shooting, defense and Military/LE firearms ever since 1982. While on this side of the Atlantic their products may not be as popular as other American-manufactured gun cleaning solutions, they offer high quality and innovation levels, seldom seen from competitors. Their supply is definitely worth a look.

The complete set is available at Waffen Ferkinghoff's online store at


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