MUSIC Group and Guitar Center Part Ways

MUSIC Group and Guitar Center Part Ways (PresseBox) (Manila, ) We were surprised by a recent public statement issued by Guitar Center. Over the last year, due to GC's highly publicized financial situation, we were forced to evaluate their credit worthiness. As a result of their credit rating, it was determined that they were a high risk and we were forced to put them on business hold. We certainly respect GC's decision to discontinue business with us and we thank them for our excellent 20 year relationship.

Over the past 25 years, MUSIC Group has seen tremendous growth and has become one of the largest Pro Audio companies in the world. The Company experienced a historical record revenue last year and also celebrated an all-time record revenue in April in the United States.

Since its introduction in 2012, the X32 has become the world's best-selling digital mixing console and with over 150,000 units sold, it has far exceeded all expectations. In recent years, MUSIC Group acquired the iconic brands Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound which have also experienced unprecedented growth.

MUSIC Group has invested over US$ 100 million in the industry's most advanced and automated manufacturing facility which is scheduled to open later this year. The massive 3 million square foot campus demonstrates our long-term commitment to innovation, quality and highly competitive products.

We are committed to our customers receiving products at "Double the Experience for Half the Price," while our business partners enjoy healthy profits and unprecedented sell-through.

Our US distributor Starin is in the process of rolling out a new free-freight program as well as extended payment terms, making it even easier to get access to our high demand products.

I want to personally thank all our US dealers for their tremendous support and loyalty.


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