NYC-Domains: The Best Place to Be Online

NYC-Domains: Young Domains for a New Young City (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) .NYC is The Best Real Estate Opportunity Since The Dutch Bought Manhattan.

Ed Koch,

former mayor of New York City.

New York City is the best place to be. There is no better place.
NYC-Domains are the best place to be online. There is no better place.

Get your .nyc domain before it’s “gone in a New York minute”!
New York City is the place where success takes many shapes and where there are infinite ways to dream big. If you work or reside in NYC, you do so for a reason. Now, your business, organization or idea will have a powerful way to use your location as proof of your value and success.
With so many businesses, organizations and individuals ready to claim their New York City identities online, it’s crucial that you take action now before your ideal .nyc domain is gone.
Why get .nyc?
* LEGITIMACY -- No pretending! .nyc is the official brand of New York City.
* EXCLUSIVITY -- As a New Yorker, you are now not only the envy of the world, but the envy of the Internet.
* LOCALIZATION -- New York City is all about communities; your .nyc web address identifies you as a part of the New York City digital community.

Who has a .nyc?
* Any New Yorker whose work, ideas and creativity are based in one of the 5 boroughs of the City.
* Locals who provide services, products or content to fellow New Yorkers.
* Companies, organizations and individuals wishing to showcase the value of their NYC location online.

Don’t wait to stake your claim on a piece of the NYC digital community! Get your .nyc today.
Protect and showcase your brand to the NYC community today.

New Yorkers are never short on ideas or action, which makes the .nyc domain launch one of the most anticipated arrivals in the City and the history of the Internet. Over 8 million potential customers make New York City one of the largest domain markets in the world, which means many .nyc web addresses, will be “gone in a New York minute.”

Sunrise Dates: May 5 – June 20, 2014

Who should register during the .nyc Sunrise Phase?
Established NY-based trademarks who wish to protect and enhance ideas, services, organizations or businesses. Qualified trademarks must have a physical address in New York City.

During the Sunrise Phase, if there is a single application for a name, the name will be awarded to the applicant at the end of the phase. However, if there are multiple applications for the same trademark, then there will be an auction at the end of sunrise phase to determine who will receive the name.

.nyc Sunrise Process
- Step 1: Verify your registered trademark in the Trademark Clearinghouse
- Step 2: Register and apply to own your .nyc trademark domain

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