New compact hyperspectral imager product family

New compact hyperspectral imager product family (PresseBox) (Martinsried, ) AMS Technologies presents a new compact hyperspectral imager product family from spectral sensing company BaySpec.

Hyperspectral imaging is well recognized for its potential, but widespread adoption has been limited by both bulk and cost. With BaySpec's miniaturized Hyperspectral OCI™-series handheld device based on low-cost semiconductor manufacturing processes, the cost of generating Hyperspectral images will drop significantly, enabling them to be used more frequently and at more sampling platforms.

The OCI-1000™ and OCI-2000™ imagers acquire full, continuous VNIR hyperspectral data with high spectral resolution and excellent sensitivity, enabling new point of sample measurements, while bringing two important features together: performance hyperspectral imaging and full package in a light-weight handheld form factor for ultimate portability.

The on-board computer, running the powerful Android-based SpecPhone app, features image collection, analysis and classification. These features enable untethered operation on platforms such as robots (ROV), drones (UAV) and production lines, and effortless adoption for applications ranging from geospatial imaging to in vivo biomedical imaging, wherever and whenever portability and hyperspectral imaging are needed.

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Applications are:
  • Biological
  • Materials
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Geoscience
  • Forensic
  • Process/Reaction


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