New Precision Hexapod for Loads up to 500 kg and 100 mm Travel Range

New H-850KMLD precision Hexapod for payloads up to 500 kg and a 100 mm travel range. Optionally with integrated absolute encoder (PresseBox) (Karlsruhe, ) The new H-850KMLD Hexapod from PI (Physik Instrumente) offers highly precise positioning for applications with limited installation space.

The 6-axis system achieves a minimum incremental motion of 1 µm over a 100 mm travel range in XY direction and of 0.5 µm over a 50 mm travel range in Z direction. The maximum tilt and rotation angle is ±30°.

If the Hexapod is frequently switched on and off, an integrated absolute encoder, which is available as an option, facilitates operation. The encoder detects the actual position of the axes when the Hexapod is switched on. Therefore, a reference move is not necessary. This especially protects structures which do not allow a free positioning over the entire travel range, and it also saves time that can be used for regular operation.

The H-850KMLD positions loads up to 500 kg with horizontal orientation at a velocity of up to 0.5 mm/s. The linear repeatability is ±1 µm. When mounted in any other orientation, up to 200 kg can be precisely aligned.

Easy system integration and extensive software package

The H-850KMLD can be controlled using the powerful C-887 motion controller. It allows position entry using Cartesian coordinates, vector control and the selection of an arbitrary, stable pivot point via software. In addition, the digital controller supports a LabVIEW-based software environment. The integration in text-based programming languages under Microsoft Windows or Linux is simplified by program libraries and exemplary codes.

The comprehensive software packages are included in the scope of delivery. If required, they can be made available in advance. This way, the Hexapod system can be integrated in the customer software even before delivery to save valuable time.


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