camLine GmbH releases Cornerstone 6.0

Without peer in the engineering statistics software industry
Cornerstone 6.0 (PresseBox) (Petershausen, ) camLine is pleased to announce a version 6 release of Cornerstone is now available that augments and improves upon its functionality to such a significant level that Cornerstone can now claim its place at the leading-edge of the engineering statistics software industry.

The version 6 release innovations are numerous, but a few examples will attest to its overall functional significance. Data from multiple sources can be merged with ease, documented, and have their linking structure preserved. Should data from any source change, it will be immediately reflected in your related analyses within Cornerstone. Another significant example of version 6 functionality is a programming language R interface has been fully integrated into the framework of Cornerstone. Evolving R enhancements, including routines, mathematical libraries, algorithms, graphs, visualization features, etc., will be available to you real-time within Cornerstone without your having to perform release updates. Additional noteworthy improvements available in version 6 include greater functionality and details in data columns, computed columns, and summary statistics. Performance speed, an ongoing priority, has been increased too.

Cornerstone version 6 is without peer in the engineering statistics software industry. With a single universal tool – Cornerstone – you have the effective capability to now perform all required statistical analyses for solutions. You might call this significant and/or evolutionary. camLine calls it Cornerstone version 6.

Coincident with the release of Cornerstone version 6, camLine makes available the plug-in package Enhanced Cornerstone version 2. Enhanced Cornerstone accelerates your ability to develop statistical solutions with prompted best practice methods that effectively guide those less familiar with statistical analysis tools and regression methodologies. The ease of use is further enhanced by functions that summarize, integrate, and accelerate multiple steps in Cornerstone.

For additional details about Cornerstone, please refer to the camLine website

camLine invites you to share with us your experience using Cornerstone. You can contact your camLine account executive directly, or send an e-mail to info-cornerstone(at)


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