Jet Messaging Technologies helps you jump start your travel application development with C# DLLs

Ready-to-use OpenTravel Libraries save on development resources and reduce development risks
JMT C# DLL - Library Documentation (PresseBox) (Zurich, Switzerland, ) Jet Messaging Technologies offers C# DLLs from XML schemas. The DLL can be referenced just like any other coding library within Visual Studio and allows rapid development of your application. Get rid of low level programming to enjoy real programming.

Off the shelf and ready-to-use DLLs (online store with
- OpenTravel Version 2013A Air Dictionary
- OpenTravel Version 2013B Air/Hotel/Vehicle Dictionary
- OpenTravel Version 2014A (coming, as soon as schemas are publicly released by OpenTravel)
- or generated directly within one day from your company's own unique XML schemas

Jet Messaging Technologies has bridged the gap between those who define a schema in XML and those who consume it in order to develop appropriate applications.

The C# DLLs have full-fidelity and in-built validation matching the definitions in the source XML schema, contain operational characteristics like any other .NET type (e.g. serialize/deserialize) and are ready to use, as normal, by development teams in their own development environment.

Eric Lehmann, CEO of Jet Messaging Technologies, said: "Application developers traditionally spend several months converting XML schemas to C# DLL - and then often only a subset of what could be converted. Plus, documentation of the types produced is often limited. With JMT Libraries (C# DLLs), the complete XML schemas type landscape is now available in a C# DLL. And, when the XML schemas change, an updated version of the DLL will be immediately available."

Further Libraries offering the full range of types in the OpenTravel 1.0 and 2.0, ISO20022, SWIFT, NIEM, HL7 schema definitions as well as Java library versions will be released during 2014.

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