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ProtectStar Logo (PresseBox) (Bradenton, FL, USA, ) ProtectStar Inc., an independent IT security company operating worldwide, presents its secure communications program “ProtectStar Communication Suite“.

“It began about the summer of 2005 - the idea of developing our own secure communications program that would be better and offer more performance than the programs already on the market,” remembers Christopher Bohn, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ProtectStar, Inc.

Nowadays communications programs are a dime a dozen. Why reinvent the wheel? It’s easy to answer this question if you take a closer look and analyse the communications programs to date. Whether YAHOO, Skype or MSN – data transfer takes place over open/unprotected lines or own servers that the user can neither control nor comprehend.

You can name whichever program you like, but they all suffer from the same defect, that somewhere in digital outer space someone may be tapping into the data transfer and recording information. An unfortunate choice of words, a critical opinion or company secrets – anything and everything could be (mis)understood or even seen as a form of industrial espionage.

In its final stage the ProtectStar Communication Suite will be able to transfer highly encrypted chats, data, video and language directly from one computer to another. The communication parties are directly linked together – without a server. Private users will be able to connect with up to 128 other users.

It is also planned to introduce a server-based version of the “ProtectStar Communication Suite“, which will be designed for companies with multiple locations and several thousand employees.

To meet the latest market requirements, the “ProtectStar Communication Suite“ can also be used with the WINDOWS MOBILE operating system. Pocket PCs, handhelds and smartphones together with the “ProtectStar - Mobile Firewall“ present a practically insurmountable obstacle to every type of hacker attack, data theft and surveillance.

“We are within our planned time schedule for the development of the ProtectStar Communication Suite,“ the project leader, Mr. Rizwan Ahmed, informed his CEO recently.

The first pre-beta version of the “ProtectStar Communication Suite“ is expected to be ready for free download at the end of the summer. This first version will permit encrypted chats and encrypted data exchange.

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