Flottweg joins the EHEDG

Logo EHEDG (PresseBox) (Vilsbiburg, ) The "European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group", or EHEDG for short, was founded in 1989 with the purpose of strengthening awareness of hygiene in the processing and packaging of food products. Flottweg has been a member of this interest group and expert association since November 2013.

Not only the law requires the handling, processing, and packaging of food to be carried out under hygienic conditions and with hygiene-appropriate machines. The food industry itself also demands machines that are easy to clean in order to maintain mandatory quality standards and meet consumer expectations. So that the equipment and machines used in the food and pharmaceutical industry are not only useful for the optimization, effectiveness, and reproducibility of production processes, but also cause no problems in terms of their cleanability, Hygienic Design is increasingly important.

The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group, a Dutch foundation, sees their main task as making a contribution to hygienic design and engineering in all areas of food production, thus ensuring the safe manufacture of food. Interested companies, institutions, official agencies, and individuals can provide support as members.

Currently more than 1,000 experts from the areas below are members:
- Manufacturers of systems and machine for food production
- Manufacturers of food
- Producers of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
- Service providers and consultants in the areas above
- Representatives of health care authorities

In addition to the exchange of information and interest, influence with the publishers of international regulations and standards, and an extensive training offering, the activities of the EHEDG also include the preparation of so-called guidelines.

The 42 guidelines now available are particularly intended to provide advice to system and machine designers on the topic of hygienic design, in order to support the design of easily cleanable systems and machines and to raise consciousness of the topic.

As a member, we support the work of the association with our annual membership contribution. In return, we benefit from discounts on training, training materials, and can actively participate in the development of new standards and guidelines. As a member, we also have free access to the 42 guidelines and any updates.

EHEDG member companies and organizations can also use the annually updated EHEDG membership logo, indicating with their membership that they are both interested in the topic of hygienic design and that they use the highest possible standards for food safety in their sphere of activity.


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